Thursday, February 24, 2005


May 22nd, 2002.
[2:05 am.]

PACKING. Here’s what I’m Taking.

In the Fanny Pack.
1 Notebook
1 Flight Info Packet
1 BIC Round Stic Grip Pen
1 Richard Ford—Independence Day
1 spare white t-shirt
1 spare grey briefs Jockey underwear
1 Oral B toothbrush, bagged
1 Travel Size crest, bagged
2 pcs., dental floss, mint, bagged
1 Passport Xerox packet
1 Richard Brautigan—Trout Fishing in America
1 spare pair blue socks
1 Pair Reading Glasses w/ Case
1 sandwich bag, empty
25 € (a 20, and a 5)
60 Dollars As Travelers checks
1 Serial Check number document for DA374-274-470(-474)
1 Glad sandwich bag with
5 Kleenex nose-blowing tissues in it
1 First Course in German book.

On my persons:
1 pair boxer shorts underwear, Trout fishes
1 pair blue sox I took from Dad
1 t-shirt undershirt, v-neck
1 long-sleeved collared dress shirt, from Dad
1 pair Gap Khakis
1 passport
1 wallet
1 Russell blue hoody hooded sweatshirt
1 Bic round Stic Grip Pen
1 Swatch watch w/ new Energizer watch battery, #389
40 Dollars U$ checks, 348-349
2 Allegra allergy pills in my fifth pocket

In my wallet:
28 Dollars U.S.
1 Illinois Driver’s License, Number R534-4627-9260
1 Washington U. Student ID [2:36am]
1 USAA Member Card
1 Refund info paper re: checks
1 Weste Pointe Mastercard credit card
1 USAA Mastercard credit card
1 paper explaining how to use USAA calling card for I-X calls
1 Dad’s business card
1 picture Me & Brook from photo booth
35 € (20, 10, 5)
100 US Travelers Checques American Express (474, 473, 470, 471, 472)
1 Refund document for 10 checks beginning DD295-973-340

[2:45 am]

Big Backpack:
8 pairs boxers
3 pairs briefs
13 pairs socks
1 brown J Crew leather belt
1 empty black plastic garbage bag
1 empty Glad sandwich bag
1 empty Glad ziploc bag
2 Short-sleeved, collared shirts
5 crew neck t-shirts
1 v-neck t-shirt
2 long-sleeve thermal-like shirts
2 other long sleeve shirts (1 grey AF, 1 blue Gap)
1 gray sweater
1 blue towel
2 pairs jeans
1 pair grey sweatshorts
1 pair khaki shorts
1 pair Gramicci linen pants
1 pair Teva flip flops
5 razor blades
12 pcs. mint floss
1 bar Dove soap
1 bottle with meds: Advil, vitamins, allegra
1 Scunci hard rubber comb
1 stick Old Spice High Endurance deodorant
1 bottle Neutrogena shampoo
1 envelope with 45 €
100 U$ trav checks 343-347
1 Gillette razor
1 bg. for toiletry items
1 blue bandana
1 Brook’s Olympus camera

[~9:30 am]

Think of the name for our consulting company. Phone to Pete: Wed., May 29, Noon CST. The Philosopher’s Stone, he says.

Bitta. Ent schu leu gunge. Artzin—doctor. Beer—beir. Women—freunden. Ich moerchte ein freunden—I want a woman.

[2:20 pm]

It’s the CNN Airport Network, Baby!

That’s where I am and they pump in CNN
which does not much but talk about
the latest terror warnings. It’s basically
rest-assured that something’s gonna happen
soon, or at least that’s what they tell me.

Calling card number. Sprint access # for Germany: 0130-0013. Follow voice prompts or operator instructions. Calling card # = 618 + Home Phone + 2025. Brian Randall. USAA 744112.

[2:56 pm]

Wo ist hier? Where is here. Wer ist heir? Who is here. Ich bin. I am. Du bist. You are, thou art. Ja. Yes. Nein. No. Der Bleistift ist gut, er schreibt gut. The pencil is good, it writes well. Was ist das? What is that. Der Tisch ist nicht rund. The table is not round. Dies Buch ist neu. This book is new. Jone Feder ist Schwarz. That pen is black. Welcher Ball ist rund? Jeder Ball ist rund? Wie. How. Oder. Or.

[6:02 pm est]

Flying in an airplane to Philadelphia where it’s going to be a race to Terminal A from Terminal F to see if my short connection time gettin ass makes it onto his scheduled flight to Amsterdam.
This particular flight, #788 on US Airways Express Chataqua Airlines Embraer jet, was slated to depart St. Louis at 3:45 pm CST but met with some traffic on the tarmac and piddled around until about 4:10 pm. So the window is closing, Indy’s going to have to roll under the dropping door to make it out of the cave; the cave in this analogy represents the United States of America which I love in so many ways but have never really left excluding that debacled trip Cancun on Spring Break, which shouldn’t even qualify for Travel Abroad Experience.
I’ve dozed a little. My seat is comfortable enough. There are three seats to a row: A, D, F. I’m in 16D. Around me people are reading the in-flight magazines available in pockets on the seats; two men in business dress are working on laptop computers; one is using Microsoft Excel and working on a graph, “HCH Surgical Volume”—he moves back and forth between graph and spreadsheet; the other man is working on a Microsoft Word document

That’s row 12. There is a row 13 in this plane. My tray table is down—i.e. not in its full upright and locked position—and it’s been that way since the flight attendant brought soft drinks (beer=$4) up the aisle. This was right as I was dozing but heard about pretzels and figured I’d get a water. But the woman next to me ordered coffee and I said, “I’ll have the same.” “Cream and sugar?” “No, I’ll have mine black.”
The coffee tasted good to me and I’m up a little bit now, [6:17 pm] enough to indulge in an obligation to write. I’ve reviewed the German on page 7.
So we’ve been in the air for about two hours now. Not too much longer till we land—supposed to be 6:55 pm. Now what can we infer about this man’s line of work? The chart has three connect the dot lines in colors pink orange and green. The plane slows down a bit. I daresay the pilot has raised the aft ailerons.
Others are sleeping. The woman on my left—full descriptions later because otherwise is rude—is playing some sort of hand-held game of chance.
“Alright, mister, what’s the big idea?”
The rest of my time has been spent reading Ford’s Independence Day. I’m on page 134 and it’s faster in certain parts, like when Frank visits the McLeod’s to collect the rent. .

[6:27 pm]


[7:56 pm]

Made it to the connecting flight alright. Seat 15C. I ran but probably didn’t have to. I’d like to have a bit of water right now cause my throat’s dry. Otherwise all is well. There’s a rugby team on board. I used the in-flight restroom right away. Writing w/o tray table is cumbersome. All for now. We’re still on the ground.

[9:10 pm est/2:10 GST]
The food is coming down the aisle. I can have either cheese tortellini or the beef dish whi…

[9:50 pm est]
…ch was the only option on the first cart through and I took it. It wasn’t bad. All around pretty satisfying actually. Meat in some sort of sauce, long-grain rice with veggies. Some Carr’s wafer crackers (3), a paclket of monterrey cheese which had melted—the food, the rice especially was hot, damn hot—but which I used on the last cracker and a half;


a 3-tomato salad, a bun & some butter; a chocolate chip cookie; salt & pepper; knife, fork, & napkin. I had water with my meal.
Now, and for a while now, I’ve been watching The Lord of the Rings, a pleasant in-flight movie surprise. Well, lights are off now and I’ll try to sleep
[10:28 EST]

Renee Marie—Vertigo
Clifford Brown

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